New Partnership Ensues, As Avalanche Welcomes NEOBRED Horse Racing Game  

New Partnership Ensues, As Avalanche Welcomes NEOBRED Horse Racing Game  

The Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem has officially joined the NEOBRED horse racing game. The NEOBRED Horse Racing Game is a major development for the blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency communities. The partnership is believed to offer decentralized applications in the virtual horse racing industry to expand their reach and present both gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with new and interesting prospects.

With this innovation, players can trade, race, and breed unique, tamper-proof digital assets created by the game using blockchain technology. As a result of its integration into the Avalanche ecosystem, the game will gain access to AVAX’s low-cost, high-speed transactions, which is expected to improve user efficiency and accessibility.

One of the unique features of this partnership is its ability to provide a seamless and safe in-game marketplace for digital horse assets. With the assurance that Avalanche’s blockchain provides improved security and scalability, players may now purchase, sell, and trade their virtual horses. For those who enjoy virtual horses, this opens up a whole new world of opportunities, enabling them to fully utilize blockchain technology and the AVAX network.

NEOBRED-Avalanche Partnership Explained, Avalanche Improvises Expansion

It was also gathered that with this new development, NEOBRED players will be given the opportunity to train their horses to a point where they accomplish their desired milestones. Players can also take part in races and stand a chance to win better prizes.

Speaking on the perceived benefit of the collaboration, U.Today’s correspondent, Vladislav Sopov, explained that players will be able to select their horses using their most preferred genetic combinations. He explained that players can also attain the highest position on their leaderboards.

The players are expected to pair the DNA of each NEOBRED horse, which should be the inherited GENE from its previous performance. With that new creation, new, better generations of exclusive horses can be created. Within the game’s ecosystem, NEOBRED has taken action to establish a specific liquidity pool for AVAX.

The overall gaming experience will be improved by this pool, which will enable users to convert between AVAX and other cryptocurrencies with ease. It is anticipated that this functionality would draw more users to the Avalanche ecosystem and the NEOBRED Horse Racing Game.

Ava Labs Management Expresses Gratitude, Hints On Future Plans

Ava Labs’s Head of Gaming, Ed Chang, has come out to express his joy in the latest development. Chang said that his company is happy about the latest partnership and explained that such a move would facilitate NEOBRED’s plan to fast-track their racing on-chain game model and take it to the next improved level.

It was also gathered that by activating the Avalanche (AVAX) protocol, the team at NEOBRED may commence with the first set of players by the end of 2023. Information also has it that the company will be launching a complete mainnet product within the year.

The official release date of the NEOBRED GameFi launch will be towards the Q4 of 2023. Investigation into the NEOBRED operations revealed that this is not the first time they have partnered with a cryptocurrency company as a way of augmenting and expanding their dominance in the cryptocurrency space.

Recall that on October 2, the company partnered with Chainlink to develop a technology that boosts blockchain Horse Racing Game. NEOBRED has also previously allied with big names like Source Network, Space and Time,, and Blueberry.

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