Bitget Makes History, Becomes First To Got Listed On SPURS

Bitget Makes History, Becomes First To Got Listed On SPURS

Bitget has grown to become the first cryptocurrency exchange to list the Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS). This development has been named one of the most significant events in the cryptocurrency industry in 2023. Information from Socios official blog says that it ( is also part of the said partnership.

Socios will be responsible for the blockchain-based fan engagement of the Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS). Fans can purchase SPURS tokens to access a variety of exclusive perks, such as the ability to vote on club decisions, discounts on items, and unique club-related activities.

Comment from an industry market watcher, with alas, “CHAINWIRE,” on the Crypto Flash News network, says that Bitget’s move to offer SPURS tokens is linked to “the increasing trend in which sports teams are investigating cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to increase fan interaction and generate revenue from their fervent fan bases.”

Fan Tokens Continue to Gain Dominance, Bitget Partners Messi

CHAINWIRE also said that this development is happening at a time when Blockchain technology records high fan token transactions, guaranteeing tamper-proof and traceable ownership and transfers. Information gathered so far disclosed that Tottenham Hotspur’s fan base has continued to expand, with over 32 million worldwide fans.

News also has it that the club’s fan base has expanded into the rest of Europe and spreading across South Korea and into other continents. The club’s management, in their official statement, explained that with the launch of the SPURS token, fans of the club around the world can adequately enjoy the benefits and the unique experiences that come with such a decision.

The club also stated that the idea to get Tottenham Hotspur Fan Token (SPURS) listed by Bitget is in connection with the club’s decision to provide the club with promising, innovative products. The club will be officially partnering with Argentinian international Lionel Messi in an effort to make this fan token a success.

Bitget, on the other hand, is looking to expand its trading experience for its customers. The company said that they are looking to develop deeper relationships with the sports world, helping fans connect with their various clubs.

Bitget Explains Its Role in The Development Of SPURS Tokens

The investigation also reveals that VFL Wolfsburg and FC Barcelona are looking to go the way of Tottenham, tokenizing special experiences, souvenirs, and items using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in addition to fan tokens.

CHAINWIRE also explained that this trend—fueled by fan involvement and innovation—is probably going to keep changing how sports fans connect with their preferred teams and how the sports business uses technology to its advantage.

The SPURS token was done in collaboration with Chiliz, a popular blockchain provider for sports and the entertainment industry. The token is also said to have received formal authorization, offering fans a special opportunity to formally and innovatively engage directly with their various clubs.

The Managing Director of Bitget, Gracy Chen, while expressing his excitement about the latest development, said that the current listing by Bitget is the company’s way of proving its dedication to making sure that its users get the most unique opportunities and engagement with their various sports teams. Chen also added that he has a firm belief that this token has the potential to revolutionize the sports token industry.

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