The Canaan Avalon6: A Comprehensive Guide

The Canaan Avalon6: A Comprehensive Guide

Canaan is a popular company in the mining hardware market, and their Avalon6 series is made for people who want to mine Bitcoin effectively. Below are the Canaan Avalon6’s main features, technical details, setup procedure, and optimization. 

Key Features of The Canaan Avalon6

1. Hashrate

The hashrate of the Canaan Avalon6 is 3.5 TH/s (terahashes per second). This indicates that the miner can complete 3.5 trillion (or 3.5T±10%) calculations per second to resolve the intricate mathematical puzzles needed for Bitcoin mining.

2. Energy Efficiency

The Avalon6’s energy efficiency is one of its best qualities. It is a good choice for miners concerned about electricity costs because it balances performance and power consumption with an electric consumption of about 1100W. 

3. Form Factor

Because of its small form factor, the Avalon6 is a good choice for home mining setups. Its weight and dimensions are intended to make installation and use simple. It weights 4.3kg, and comes with a hardware dimension of 354mm x 130mm x 150mm.

4. The Cooling Mechanism

Any mining hardware must have effective cooling, and the Avalon6 has a specially-made cooling fan system. Ensuring ideal operating temperatures prolongs the hardware’s lifespan.

5. Reliability

Canaan is renowned for producing reliable mining hardware, and the Avalon6 is no exception. Its durability and robust design make it a preferred choice for miners seeking longevity in their equipment.

Note: The recommended Canaan Avalon6 working conditions is 0C – 35C, or a 10% – 80% humidity level: non-condensing. 

Technical Specifications of The Canaan Avalon6

The technical specifications of the Canaan Avalon6 include:

1. Hashrate: 3.5 TH/sController: Raspberry Pi

2. Noise Level: 55db

3. Operating Temperature: 0-35°C

4. Power Consumption: 1100W

5. Power Efficiency: 0.31 J/GH

Setup Process of The Canaan Avalon6

1. Unboxing

Carefully unpack the Avalon6 and check for any physical damage during shipping. Ensure all necessary components are included in the package.

2. Assemble the Miner

Connect the miner to its power supply unit (PSU) and plug it into a power source. As much as an alternative power source can be used, it must measure up with the machine power recommendation. Connect the miner to your internet router using an Ethernet cable.

3. Configure the Miner

Access the miner’s interface through a web browser by entering its IP address. Configure the mining pool settings, wallet address, and other parameters as required.


Use the user manual if the need arises.

4. Start Mining

Once configured, save the settings and restart the miner. It will start hashing and contributing to the mining pool’s collective effort to solve cryptographic puzzles.

Tips for Optimizing The Canaan Avalon6

1. Choose the Right Mining Pool

Select a reputable mining pool that aligns with your preferences, such as payout structure, fees, and server location. Popular options include F2Pool, Btc m4, Slush Pool, Bitfury, Ckpool, and Antpool. 


The mining pools mentioned here are only the most sort-after; there are few others out there.

2. Monitor temperature

Regularly check the operating temperature of the Avalon6. Ensure that the cooling system is functioning optimally to prevent overheating, which can affect its performance.

3. Update Firmware

Stay updated with the latest firmware releases from Canaan. Firmware updates often include performance improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

 4. Power Efficiency

Optimize your mining setup for power efficiency. Consider the electricity costs in your region and adjust the Avalon6’s performance settings accordingly to strike the right balance between hash rate and power consumption. The recommended power sources for Canaan Avalon6 are A1066, A1247, A1246, and A1166. The recommended wattage is 1100W-1200W, 

 5. Regular Maintenance

Perform routine checks and maintenance on the hardware. Clean the fans, inspect for dust buildup, and ensure proper ventilation in the mining area.


The Canaan Avalon6 is a reliable and efficient mining hardware option for those entering the Bitcoin mining space. Its balanced hash rate, power efficiency, and durability make it popular among miners worldwide. Most importantly, always stay informed about industry developments and continuously monitor the mining operation for the best results, since the industry is ever-dynamic and ever-evolving.

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