SEC In Discussion On Spot Ethereum ETF, To Issue S-1 Approval Today 

SEC In Discussion On Spot Ethereum ETF, To Issue S-1 Approval Today 

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is allegedly close to approving an Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded fund (ETF), which would be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency market. Discussions are in progress, and the acceptance of the S-1 filing is anticipated in a few hours.

The SEC would approve an Ethereum ETF in response to several recent developments in the regulatory authorization of financial products based on cryptocurrencies. The SEC has always hesitated to approve cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), citing worries about investor safety, liquidity, and market manipulation.

Regulatory views have been steadily changing due to the bitcoin market’s development and increased institutional interest. The S-1 file is a mandatory regulatory document for businesses intending to list their securities on a national exchange in the United States. Approving this application would demonstrate the SEC’s assurance that the Ethereum ETF can adhere to legal requirements and protect investors.

Ethereum Market Moves to Become More Liquid, Gets More Validation 

Accepting an Ethereum ETF might result in significant financial inflows into the cryptocurrency, which could raise its price. As a result of this increasing investment, the Ethereum market may become more liquid and less volatile, appealing to a wider spectrum of investors.

According to Josh O’Sullivan, an analyst with Cointelegraph, if the SEC approves Ethereum, it might lead to a more substantial increase since it would confirm Ethereum’s legitimacy as an asset class in the eyes of institutional investors and authorities.

He added that it would be historic for Ethereum and the cryptocurrency industry if an Ethereum ETF were approved. It might set a precedent for other cryptocurrencies looking for comparable financial products, leading to a flood of additional cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

Spectators Place Ethereum ETF Viability on Transparent Operation

Today, a senior policy analyst at Bloomberg, Nathan Dean, wrote that, given the way the United States legislatures are going about cryptocurrency discussions, the year 2025 may look good for cryptocurrency policy. He revealed that, as it stands, the Democrats in the House are grouping on the FIT21 Act and SAB 121 bill. 

Dean explained that besides the approval of the cryptocurrency ETF, the stablecoin guidelines may also be approved by the end of 2025. He also warned that the United States Security and Exchange Commission has the power to control any cryptocurrency projects that want to categorize its token as commodities rather than securities, considering the commission’s growing government powers.

The long-term viability of an Ethereum ETF will depend on how well-functioning and transparent the Ethereum market is. Eleanor Terrett, a popular pro-ETF journalist, disagreed with ETF experts in her latest post on X. Terrett assumed that the SEC had approved the 19b-4 forms on May 23rd. She hinted that the SEC may be working with the issuers of the Ethereum ETF regarding the S-1 over the next few months.

Industry Players Speak As U.S. Legislatures Decide on FIT21 Bill

Bloomberg senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas, in an interview with Cointelegraph, said that he’s expecting the SEC to take the approach it deployed during the spot BTC ETF launch: to issue an official announcement on May 23rd. In his statement, Eric stated that his best guess is that the SEC may respond to the request for an announcement by Friday at 4 PM.

He added that this was the exact approach they used with the spot BTC ETF: announcing at 3:45 PM before the official launch. However, the development in the United States House of Representatives has approved the FIT21 cryptocurrency bill. It was passed on May 22nd, with 71 Democrats and 208 Republicans voting in favor, as against the 136 other members that voted against.

Joseph Lubin, the Consensys CEO, has expressed interest in the discussion, citing a potential approval of the spot Ethereum ETFs. Lubin also assured that the approval of the spot Ethereum ETFs in the United States is certain. He added that the 19b-4 applications initially filed by BlackRock are likely to be approved, but the procedure that brings about the S-1s could linger.

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