Ripple Moves To Drop $122 Million Worth Of XRP, November

Ripple Moves To Drop $122 Million Worth Of XRP, November

Ripple has recently revealed plans to sell $122 million worth of XRP in November. Ripple had also unlocked 1 billion units of tokens, valued at $610 million, out of 46 billion units of XRP they had in stock. XRP tokens stored in escrow accounts make up a sizeable portion of Ripple’s holdings.

Ripple announced in November that it planned to distribute 200 million XRP tokens, which, at $0.61 apiece, are projected to be worth $122 million. By using escrow accounts, Ripple hopes to guarantee a controlled and gradual distribution of XRP into the market, which can lessen market uncertainty and help avoid significant price swings.

A cryptocurrency analyst and social media influencer with the alias Dark Defender has added his opinion to the recent development. In his latest update, XRP price has the propensity to rise to $0.66 at the beginning of November. According to Dark Defender, the coin has started forming a “Bull Flag Pattern.”

Ripple Explains Actions, Ripple Relocks, Escrows 800 Million Units XRP

The 200 million XRP tokens that Ripple plans to deliver in November are in line with its earlier monthly releases. Ripple has been releasing XRP from escrow accounts gradually. This consistency is said to be an attempt to provide the XRP market transparency.

As was reported in October, 1 billion XRP was recently unlocked using two company wallet addresses. The wallet names are Ripple (23) and Ripple (22). The sending pattern was done in three parts and sent to three different wallets belonging to the same owner: Ripple. The portion was sent as thus: Ripple (11) got 400 million units of XRP from wallet Ripple (23), and all were re-locked to escrow, to be released on April 2027.

Wallet Ripple (1) got 200 million units of XRP from wallet Ripple (22). Reports say that this particular transfer is still liquid and ready to be transferred yet again. Wallet Ripple (10) got 300 million units of XRP from the remnants of the unlocked sent from Ripple (22), including the 100 million units of XRP sent from wallet Ripple (23) – 400 million units of XRP locked in a fresh escrow were also scheduled to unlock in April 2027.

XRP Tightens Token Management May Affect Its Long Team Value

It is observed that XRP token management is still a key component of Ripple’s strategy as it navigates the regulatory landscape and handles legal disputes pertaining to XRP’s classification. Analysis on Finbold’s platform says that this behavior may likely affect XRP’s long-term value, as witnessed in the XRP’s current low trading price. There’s also a high anticipation that XRP market capitalization may soon hit an all-time high.

Explaining the goal of XRP’s limited release, the company says it is to preserve market stability while guaranteeing enough liquidity for these payment options. Following several weeks of sharp increases, the price of XRP hit $0.61 per token when the November release was announced. The XRP community is feeling upbeat as a result of these advances.

Analysis from Finbold says that transfers from both wallet Ripple (23) and wallet Ripple (22) still have 4 billion units of XRP left in them and are scheduled for monthly escrows. The precise unlocking period is in every quarter (4 months) up until the 1st of March, 2024.

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