Google Cloud Stakes 10,000 MATIC, Joins Polygon, Works As a Validator

Google Cloud Stakes 10,000 MATIC, Joins Polygon, Works As a Validator

Google Cloud has joined the Polygon network as a decentralized validator, a move that market experts have described as a gesture demonstrating its dedication to the security and decentralization of Web3 initiatives. With the addition of Google Cloud as a validator, Polygon has strengthened the security of its Bor, Heimdall, and Polygon Proof-of-Stake (PoS) customers.

The cryptocurrency community has praised Google Cloud’s move as a validator, mentioning that it is a notable affirmation of Polygon’s network integrity. According to the data extracted from Polygon’s staking dashboard, the latest validator had staked $5,491, equivalent to 10,451 MATIC. The validator had also earned $15.77, equivalent to 30.01 MATIC as of the time of this report.

Ajay Kashyap, a popular cryptocurrency YouTuber and blockchain enthusiast, reacted to the partnership and said, “Despite ongoing market difficulties, this development is a huge milestone for Polygon.” Kashyap added, “Polygon’s continuous growth and the addition of an important player like Google Cloud as a validator signal the network’s resilience and long-term potential.”

Speaking on MATIC’s market activities, Kashyap said that MATIC is one of the cryptocurrency projects that has survived the worst bearish market and has managed to extend its global influence through many partnerships.

Google’s Move An Effort To Recognize With Emerging Technology

Google Cloud’s overall strategy to interact with emerging technologies and decentralization is consistent with Google Cloud’s entry into blockchain validation. In other news, the Ethereum ecosystem has also embraced Polygon’s Layer 2 scaling solutions, which are believed to offer quicker and more affordable transactions while reducing network congestion.

On their X handle, Polygon announced that Google Cloud has joined its network. It also revealed that the company (Google Cloud) will be deploying the Dane technology used in powering Gmail and YouTube to protect both the low and the fast ETH-for-all Polygon network. Over 100 validators are protecting the Polygon Proof of Stake (PoS) as of press time.

In a reciprocal post, Google Cloud Singapore said they are learning more about the blockchain sector, and the recent partnership is part of it. Immediately after the event, the Google Cloud Asia Pacific region released a YouTube video displaying Polygon Lab’s Web 3 futures.

In a recent observation, the Polygon online community is anxiously following the development of this partnership. With Google Cloud’s assistance, Polygon hopes to establish further its position as a top Layer 2 scaling solution while advancing the larger objective of a safe and decentralized Web 3 infrastructure.

Google’s Efforts Into Blockchain Market Explained, Market Reacts To Trend

In a different statement, both companies said that the partnership between Google Cloud and Polygon marks a crucial turning point. Information has it that this is one of many times Google Cloud has shown interest in the blockchain industry. The company has previously partnered with many top companies like Solana to penetrate the market.

However, another company, Deutsche Telekom, succeeded in becoming one of the network’s validators earlier in the year. It was also gathered that many layer1 blockchain platforms are currently using its technologies to swap into the Ethereum-based layer2 platform.

Meanwhile, BeInCrypto data shows that the cryptocurrency market has reacted positively to this news, as it experienced an upward trend of 1.36% to sell for $0.5283. The slight change in the price movement has been described as a rebounding move from MATIC’s annual low of $0.5040, as recorded last week.

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