Amid The Argentinean Hyperinflation, BTC Breaks New Grounds

Amid The Argentinean Hyperinflation, BTC Breaks New Grounds

Many Argentineans hoping to save their cash from the depreciating peso have turned to Bitcoin. This is happening at a time of the country’s continuous hyperinflation crisis. The price of Bitcoin on local markets reached a record high of 19.6 million Argentine pesos as the nation’s total money supply (M1) continued to rise. News also has it that Bitcoin miners hoard sizable stockpiles of the digital currency.

Investigations into the country’s economic trend show that over the previous three years, Argentina’s total money supply, which includes currency, demand deposits, and other checkable deposits, has increased by 277%. M1 (unit of measuring money) was 2.81 trillion pesos in July 2019, but it has now risen to a startling 10.66 trillion pesos, highlighting the country’s hyperinflationary solid pressures.

This development has been linked to many Argentines actively looking for alternate stores of wealth because the peso’s value is falling quickly. Hence, many have resorted to Bitcoin. In reaction to these developments, the Bitcoin market in Argentina has expanded significantly. Bitcoin passed the $27,000 mark on September 19th, a major milestone that sparked significant interest from Argentine investors.

Argentines Show More Interest In BTC As An Investment Shield

Information also shows that the price of one Bitcoin on these exchanges has increased significantly from 14.2 million pesos in November 2021 before hitting its all-time high in U.S. dollars at 19.6 million Argentine pesos. It was also gathered that the value of BTC in Argentina has surged by 150% in two years, before ending on September 21st, and rising from 7.84 million pesos in a few days to 16.6 million pesos.

Total inflation in Argentina today has surpassed 300%, thus making the BTC the most viable means of storing value in Argentina. Many elements, such as poor financial management, mounting public debt, and excessive money printing, are to blame for Argentina’s hyperinflation disaster.

Analysis on the Cryptopolitan platform says that the assets of Argentineans holding their savings in BTC or other forms of digital currencies in the space of two years, between (September 2021 and September 2023) have currently increased by 297%, almost the same rate as the inflation figures.

Argentinian Government Wades In, Increases Regulatory Process

It’s crucial to highlight that regulators and decision-makers have noted Argentina’s growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To ensure that tax rules are followed and to stop criminal activity, the government has taken steps to monitor and regulate the market for digital currencies. It was observed that  Bitcoin has become a lifeline for many Argentineans seeking financial stability and wealth preservation as their country battles hyperinflation and a fast-appreciating peso.

However, the latest data revealed that as the BTC crossed $27,000 in the early hours of September 19th, the BTC miners reportedly had 1,844,854 BTC in their possession. And 72 hours later, they had to sell out 3,495 BTC, thus bringing down the actual balance to 1,841,350 million BTC.

Commenting on this, Florence Muchai, a reporter with Cryptopolitan has commented that “the fact that Argentina continues to adopt Bitcoin is evidence of the cryptocurrency’s capacity to offer financial security in difficult economic times.” He also added that as long as the U.S. Dollar continues to be the country’s currency deciding factor, people will always find solace in BTC.

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