A Comprehensive Ebang Ebit E11++ Product Guide

Ebang Communication, a popular blockchain technology company created the high-performance cryptocurrency mining rig known as the Ebang Ebit E11++. Launched in October 2019, this machine is an SHA-256 mining device designed to mine Bitcoin with a hash rate of 44,000,000,000,000H and a 2508W power consumption.

Also known as E11++ 44T, the Ebang Ebit E11++ comes with a (fan) noise capacity of 75db and an Ethernet internet interface. This machine can comfortably mine Peercoin (PPC), BitcoinSV (BSV), BitcoinCashABC (BCHABC), LitecoinCash (LCC), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Major Security Features of the Ebang Ebit E11++

Firmware Security Updates

Firmware updates are given regularly to improve security and fix vulnerabilities. This protects the mining operation by shielding the rig from any identified dangers and exploits.

Secure Boot Mechanism

The secure boot function ensures that only reliable software is used to boot up the system. This protects the integrity of the mining system by preventing malicious or unauthorized applications from operating during the starting procedure.

Network Security Protocols

Secure network protocols, such as SSL/TLS encryption, are supported by the Ebit E11++ to safeguard data sent between mining pools and miners.

Key Features

Impressive Hash Rate

The Ebit E11++ provides a hash rate of 44 terahashes per second (Th/s). With the help of its high hash rate, the rig can solve challenging mathematical problems more rapidly, which also increases the likelihood of receiving mining rewards. Because of this, the Ebit E11++ has become a powerful competitor in the field of Bitcoin mining.

Energy Efficiency

Because of its hash rate category of this machine, the efficiency ratio is 45 joules per terahash (J/Th), and it works with an electric voltage of up to 11.8V – 13.0V. Because of its effectiveness, the mining operation’s profitability is increased by lowering electricity costs. It uses 10-7nm semiconductors, which is also obtainable with Bitmain Antminer. A Power Supply Unit (PSU) runs on 220v (which is relatively low). 

Advanced Cooling System

With a humidity rate of 5 – 95 %, mining rigs cannot function continuously without effective heat management. The Ebit E11++ boasts an advanced cooling system with two fans and a well-thought-out heat sink design. By ensuring efficient heat dissipation, this machine keeps operating temperatures steady and extends the hardware’s lifespan. It also comes with two powerful fans to guarantee an effective cooling process.

Durable Build Quality

With its sturdy engineering and premium materials, the Ebit E11++ is designed to endure the rigours of extended mining operations. Because of its sturdy construction, there is less chance of hardware malfunctions, guaranteeing steady operation over time. However, it is also designed with a DW1228 chip, a 10nm chip size. 

User-Friendly Interface

The Ebit E11++’s user-friendly interface makes its setup and management more accessible. It offers a web-based administration site that lets users monitor temperature, power usage, and hash rate in real time, enabling them to optimize their mining operations effectively.

Security Features

Several security mechanisms are built into the Ebit E11++ to safeguard the mining activity. These characteristics, which guarantee the mining process is protected against unwanted access and potential dangers, include secure boot procedures, firmware security upgrades, and network security protocols.


High Hash Rate

Energy Efficiency

Effective Cooling System

Durability and Reliability

Ease of Use

Security Measures


High Initial Cost

Power Consumption

Noise Level

Heat Output

Maintenance Requirements

Final Thoughts 

Because of its exceptional performance, effectiveness, and dependability as a mining rig, the Ebang Ebit E11++ is a compelling option for professional cryptocurrency miners. This is Ebang’s first generation of the Ebit E-11 series, which has become a robust build quality and user-friendly interface that adds to its appeal.

Its high hash rate and energy efficiency are significant advantages. However, potential purchasers should consider the high initial cost, power usage, noise level, heat output, and upkeep needs. For those with the necessary infrastructure and resources, the Ebit E11++ provides a reliable way to optimize mining profits.

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